Thanks and Friendship KOBE MARATHON 2016 Nov. 20, 2016 sun

With “Thanks and Friendship”  at the heart of the marathon, we support all runners in this athletic challenge.

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The Kobe Marathon's Aspirations

The Kobe Marathon aims to be an event known for the world’s best runner etiquette. We hope to attract runners who can share the joy of running together. Entry will be based on confirmation and agreement with the following points. Each participant in the event, whether a supporter or a runner, should observe good etiquette and work together to make this the best marathon in the world.

(1) A false declaration at entry, check-in by a person other than the actual runner, transfer of entry rights, and use of a substitute runner on the day of the event are forbidden.
(2) Entrants are expected to train sufficiently, receive a physical checkup, and otherwise be well prepared for the event.
(3) Clothing or fancy dress that violates public order or morals or is inappropriate for a sports event will not be allowed.