before applying

  • False declaration at the time of entry, proxy acceptance at reception, transfer of right to run, and proxy run on the day of the event are prohibited.
  • Before participating in the event, please ensure that you are in good physical condition, such as by thoroughly training and undergoing a medical examination beforehand.
  • Clothing or disguise that is offensive to public order and morals and inappropriate for sporting events is not permitted.

Flow from Application to Tournament Participation

Application opening date

June 8 (Thu), 2023

Reception will start at noon. (JST)

Application and application fee payment deadlines

September 11 (Monday)
By 11:59 p.m. (JST)

Applications will be closed when the number of applicants reaches 2,000.

Participation information


Information will be given approximately one month before the Marathon.

The entry guide is available through the download service from the event website.
Details will be given on the event website at a later date.

Runners check-in

November 17 (Fri) 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (final admission)

November 18 (Sat) 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (final admission)

There will be no runners check-in on the day of the race.
Runners will need to have a personal ID document to confirm their identity.

  • Be sure to check in on either one of the two days.
  • If you have a disability, please bring your disability card or similar document

Place: Kobe International Exhibition Hall (EXPO venue)

Race day

November 19 (Sun) Starts from 9:00 a.m.

Start: In front of Kobe City Hall
Finish: Port Island (near Civic Square)

About Charity Athlete Bibs

Charity Athlete Bibs can display your name or nickname on the front and back.

Runners can apply to purchase charity athlete bibs (1,000 yen) when entering.

Your donation will be used by the Kobe Marathon Friendship Bank.

athlete bibs Front
athlete bibs Back

When applying, please select one out of options ①-③ below.

  1. Display your full name
  2. Display a nickname
  3. Charity donation only

[Caution] The following cannot be accepted as nicknames.

  • Company name, corporate name, store name, product name
  • Numerals, emoticons, and symbols only or combinations thereof

  • Religion- or belief-related contents

  • Discriminatory or prohibited terms
  • Terms deemed contrary to public order and morals
  • Other terms the organizers deem inappropriate

Terms of Application

Kobe Marathon Registration Rules: When registering for the race, participants must agree to the following registration rules and provide necessary information.

  1. Duplicate applications by the same person are not allowed. Please note that if multiple applications are found from the same person, you will be disqualified, and your participation fee will not be refunded.

  2. False declaration of name, age, gender, nationality, place of residence, race records, etc., or running the race under someone else's name or transferring participation rights is not allowed. If such behavior is discovered, your participation qualification will be canceled without compensation or refund.

  3. If you violate rules 1 or 2 above, you may not be able to apply for future races.

  4. After the entry period has passed, you cannot change, correct, or cancel your registration for personal reasons. Only when it is necessary to confirm the contents of registration, the event secretariat will contact you via your email address.

  5. If you do not pay the registration fee by the specified date, it will be automatically canceled (forfeited), and you will not be able to participate in the race.

  6. We do not take any responsibility for delays in application due to network line problems or inability to apply due to the terminal device, operating system, or browser software you are using.

  7. You can check your registration status on your My Page.

  8. Inquiries and inquiries regarding the application status, etc., to the event secretariat are not possible.

  9. If the event is canceled or suspended due to reasons beyond the organizer's control (Warnings, earthquakes, wind and water disasters, snowfall, events, accidents, illnesses, etc.), the registration fee will not be refunded.

  10. We are not responsible for any delays caused by public transportation or road conditions on the day of the event.

  11. Prior to participating in the race, participants should have their physical condition checked. If the organizer determines that you have not properly managed your physical condition, your participation qualification will be canceled, and the participation fee will not be refunded.

  12. Those with underlying diseases (diabetes, heart failure, respiratory disease, hypertension, dialysis patients, immunosuppressants, anticancer drugs, etc.) cannot participate.

  13. The organizer only provides emergency medical treatment for injuries and illnesses that occur during the event. Additionally, illnesses are not covered by the event insurance arranged by the organizer.

  14. Advertising materials, such as logos and trademarks, with the intention of promoting products or companies, are not allowed to be worn or displayed on the body (including along the race route) during the event.

  15. The organizer will handle the personal information of participants in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations. The copyright and portrait rights to videos, photos, articles, location information, participant names, ages, places of residence (prefectures or city, town, or village names), records, etc., of the event published on TV, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and printed materials belong to the organizer.

  16. Photos taken during the race may be sold by third-party vendors commissioned by the organizer.

  17. The race must comply with all relevant domestic laws and regulations.

  18. In addition to the registration rules, the organizer will conduct the race in accordance with the registration guide, race guide, and race information.

Other notes

  1. Due to server maintenance, etc., the service may be temporarily suspended without prior notice.

  2. Regarding receipts for participation fees and other expenses: Please use the credit card company's "statement" or "invoice."

  3. The luggage checked by the participants will be transported by the organizer from the start point to the finish point.

  4. Bringing, operating, or flying any drones or similar unmanned aerial vehicles other than those used by the organizer, co-organizer, or sponsor is prohibited during the event.

  5. Please ensure that you have trained sufficiently and taken full care of your health before participating in the event, including undergoing a health checkup beforehand.

  6. Runners may be stopped when emergency vehicles pass through. In addition, the record correction for the stop time is not performed.

  7. This event is a qualifying event for the “Wanda Age Group World Rankings” of the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

  8. In addition to the above, please follow the organizer's instructions regarding matters related to the event.

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