Event Name KOBE MARATHON 2023

Hyogo Prefecture / Kobe City / Hyogo Athletics Association

Co-Organizers The Kobe Shimbun / The Asahi Shimbun Company
Planning and Administration Kobe Marathon Organizing Committee
Managing Organization Hyogo Athletics Association
Supporting Organizations (Planned) Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education / Kobe City Board of Education / Japan Association of Athletics Federations / Hyogo Prefectural Sports Association / Kobe City Sports Association, etc.
Special Sponsor (Planned) Sysmex Corporation
Sponsors (Planned) The Minato Bank, Ltd. / SHIROYAMA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. / Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd. / ASICS Japan Corporation / Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. / Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. / Tominaga Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. /KOBE NEW TRANSIT CO., LTD / The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited / TOA Corporation. / Rock Field Co., Ltd. / Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. / Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. / Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. / Kobe Toyopet Corporation / Daiwa House Group / Kobe Steel, Ltd. / WADAKOHSAN CO., LTD. / Radio Kansai, Ltd.
Special Supporters (Planned) Kobe Sport Association / Kobe Gakuin University
Supporters (Planned) Osaka Gas Network Co., Ltd. / The Kobe International House Inc. / Kobe Sports Photo Stacame / Kobe Future City Co., Ltd., etc.
Event Marathon (42.195 km)
Date and Time Sunday, November 19, 2023
Wave 1 start at 9:00 a.m. / Wave 2 start at 9:15 a.m. / Finish at 4:00 p.m.
Course Start: Kobe City Municipal Office
Turning point: West side of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (Nishi-Maiko, Tarumi Ward) Finish: Port Island (near Civic Square) (Course certified by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, World Athletics and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS))
Competition Rules The race will be conducted in compliance with the 2023 regulations of World Athletics (WA) and the rules of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations and the Kobe Marathon.
Because this is a WA Label race certified by the WA, WA Label Road Race regulations also apply. Doping tests will be carried out under WA regulations.
Entry Qualifications (excluding invited athletes) For those born before April 1, 2005
*The runner must be able to complete the race within 6 hours and 30 minutes.
*Transfer of race entry or running on behalf of another runner is prohibited. If any irregularities are discovered, the contestant will be disqualified.
*No clothing or costumes that are offensive to public order and morals or inappropriate for a sporting event will be allowed.
*Wheelchairs are not allowed.
*Runners with disabilities who have difficulty running alone may be accompanied by a runner. Runners must also register at the runner registration desk.
Guide dogs are not allowed to accompany runners.
*Disabled runners must bring their physical disability certificate or the like to the runner registration desk.

Types of Entry/Capacities/Time Limits

Place of residence   Persons with overseas nationality
(other than Japanese)
Japanese nationality
(outside of Japan)
〇 Possible 〇 Possible
Inside Japan 〇 Possible × Invalid
  • If entering in English or Chinese (non-simplified Chinese characters), please use JTB Sports Station or RUNNET GLOBAL.
  • Only foreign nationals residing in Japan, and foreign nationals or Japanese nationals residing overseas, can enter in English or Chinese.
  • JTB Sports Station or RUNNET GLOBAL does not cater to Japanese nationals residing in Japan. Entries to this site by Japanese nationals residing in Japan will be invalid.
    Please understand that refunds cannot be given for payments made by Japanese nationals residing in Japan.
Types of Entry Categories Capacity for overseas applicants Time Limits
Individual entry 20,000 2,000 7 hours*1.*2
  1. Time limits are based on the first signal gun time (9:00 a.m.).
  2. Cut-off times are set at each checkpoint in consideration of traffic controls, security, and event operation. Runners who are lagging badly may be prompted or instructed to withdraw even outside of checkpoints.
  • Entries will be accepted in the order of arrival. Entries will be made from the JTB Sports Station or RUNNET GLOBAL site and will be finalized after payment of the entry fee has been confirmed.
    Please understand that we cannot refund entry fees following the completion of the payment procedure.
  • Once an entry has been confirmed, we cannot change your name and runner information.
    Exceptions will be made in cases of justifiable reasons such as marriage and changes of address, etc.
  • Please understand that entrants cannot be changed after entry has been confirmed.

Checkpoint closing times (scheduled)

No. Checkpoint location Distance (km) Closing time
1 Otabi Park 3.8 10:00
2 Tenjinbashi Higashizume 9.0 10:44
3 Sumaura-koen Station 11.3 11:03
4 Maiko-koen 17.6 11:57
5 Maiko Station 20.3 12:20
6 Tarumi Sewage Treatment Plant 23.4 12:49
7 Sumaura-koen Station 26.8 13:19
8 Sumakaihinkoen 29.0 13:41
9 Wadamisaki Station 34.1 14:31
10 Minato Elementary School 36.8 15:00
11 Port Island West Lamp 41.0 15:46

Regardless of whether you start in Wave 1 or Wave 2, the checkpoint closing times will be as shown above.

About organizing the start
In order to ensure a safe and smooth start, we will set a waiting block at the start according to the time declared at the time of application. Please note that the records (time, race name, race year) may be collated by the secretariat, so please report them accurately.

If necessary, we may ask you to submit a record certificate. We also do not accept false declarations.

Entry fee

How to apply Online (JTB Sports Station, RUNNET GLOBAL)
How to pay the entry fee Credit card
Entry fee 21,500 yen
*Including entry administrative fee and charity donation.
*The charity donation of 200 yen will be used in the Kobe Marathon Friendship Bank.
Charity athlete bibs Not required Please add
0 yen 1,000 yen
Total amount 21,500 yen 22,500 yen

Application Method

Registration for runners has ended. Thank you for your many applications.

1. Method

JTB Sports Station



Please apply from

2. Period

June 8, 2023 (Thursday) noon to September 11, 2023 (Monday) 11:59 p.m. (JST)

3. Determination of participants

Participation will be confirmed upon receipt of payment of the participation fee.
Please note that the application will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

4. Participation fee payment

After applying through JTB Sports Station or the RUNNET GLOBAL site, follow the instructions and confirm that the payment of the entry fee has been completed.
Even if the application is completed, if the participation fee is not paid by the designated date, the participation will not be confirmed and the application will be invalid.

5. Notes

Persons with disabilities (those who have a disability certificate) should fill in the necessary items on the application form.

Runners check-in

  1. Reception hours
    November 17th, 1:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (last entry), November 18th, 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (last entry)
  2. Reception venue
    1st floor of Kobe International Exhibition Hall No.1(EXPO venue)
  • There will be no runners check-in on the day of the race.
  • Accompanying runners must also check in on the above date and time.
  • Runners will need to have a personal ID document to confirm their identity.
  • Persons with disabilities must bring a physical disability certificate.

Awards (Planned)

  1. Overall (gross time): The top eight men and top eight women runners
  2. By age group (net time): The top eight men and top eight women runners in each five-year age group
    *Excluding Overall and Kobe Marathon Japan Top 8 award recipients.
  3. Kobe Marathon Consecutive Award Winner: Runners who have received an award for three consecutive years since the Kobe Marathon 2019.
    *Combinations of (1)and(2) are acceptable.
    *Not including past winners of the Kobe Marathon Consecutive Award.
  4. Kobe Marathon Last Spurt Challenge
    Awards will be presented to the three male and female runners each who record the fastest times over the 7.195 kilometers from the 35-kilometer point to the finish point.
    *Not including Overall (top eight men and top eight women) and Japan Top 8 winners.
    *Applies to runners who break the Kobe Marathon Last Spurt Challenge.

Certificate of Completion

Runners who finish the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In addition to the marathon, records are also recognized for 25 kilometers and 30 kilometers. However, this applies only to those who finish the course.

Participation Award

On registering, all entrants will be given a light bag (ASICS/Kobe Marathon commemorative design) made entirely from recycled materials in consideration of sustainability.

Made entirely from recycled polyester with some materials derived from recovered clothes.

doping control

  1. This competition is a competition (time) doping test based on the World Athletics (WA) Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations or the Japan Anti-Doping Regulations. In-competition (time) tests are conducted from 23:59 on the day before the race until the end of the test, and urine or blood (or both) will be collected. Those who are subject to the inspection should follow the instructions of the inspector and undergo the inspection.
  2. If you are subject to in-competition (in-competition) inspection, you will be required to present a photo ID. Please bring a student ID card, employee ID card, driver's license, or a copy of your passport with a clear photo.
  3. Participants in this competition are deemed to have agreed to be subject to doping inspections in accordance with the Japan Anti-Doping Regulations at the time of entry into the competition.
  4. Participants in this competition must use the JADA Clean Sports Athlete Site to learn about anti-doping in advance.
    JADA Clean Sports Athlete Site
  5. If a participant refuses or evades the doping test (regardless of the type of sample such as urine or blood) conducted in this competition, if he/she does not follow the instructions of the inspector, or if he/she does not follow the instructions of the inspector, Failure to complete the doping test procedure for any reason may constitute an anti-doping rule violation. Please note that if you are judged to have violated anti-doping rules, you will be subject to sanctions based on the Japan Anti-Doping Code.
  6. Please note that athletes who undergo blood testing, whether in-competition or out-of-competition testing, may be required to rest for 2 hours after the end of competition/exercise to collect blood. .
  7. Please check the WA or JADA website for details of the WA Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations, Japan Anti-Doping Rules and doping tests in advance.

TUE application

Athletes who are compelled to use prohibited substances or methods on the Prohibited List International Standards to treat medical conditions must apply for a "Therapeutic Use Exemption" (TUE). For more information, please check the Japan Association of Athletics Federations Medical Committee website or the JADA website. If you have been granted a TUE for prohibited substances or methods, please submit the certificate (a copy is acceptable) to the inspector in charge at the time of the doping test.

Website of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations Medical Affairs Committee

JADA Clean Sports Athlete Site Form for TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption)

Japan Anti-Doping Agency website

Personal Information

The organizers recognize the importance of privacy and will handle personal information based on the event's information protection policy in compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information protection.
Personal information will be used for such purposes as drawing lots, providing information on participation, giving notification of related information, offering services from Kobe Marathon sponsors, co-sponsors, co-organizers and related organizations, giving first-aid treatment and coordinating with medical institutions, and announcing records (including rankings) with the aim of improving services to entrants.
Within the scope of operation of this event, personal information may also be provided to related business entities (including World Marathon Majors LLC, based in the United States, which operates Abbott World Marathon Majors, and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation).

Note that the organizers or the Kobe Marathon Runner Call Center may use your personal information to contact you and confirm information related to your application.


  1. In the event that the competition is cancelled or reduced due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer (such as alarms, earthquakes, natural disasters, snowfall, events, accidents, illnesses, etc.), no refunds of participation fees or other expenses will be made.

  2. Participants who have underlying medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases, hypertension, those receiving dialysis, those using immunosuppressive agents or anticancer agents, etc.) should refrain from participating.

  3. Participants must confirm that they do not meet the criteria of the health check items and participate accordingly. If the event organizer determines that adequate health management has not been conducted, participation in the event will not be allowed. In such cases, no refunds of participation fees or other expenses will be made. In regards to infection control measures, appropriate measures will be taken while assessing the infection situation.

    * Regarding measures against infectious diseases, we will take measures while assessing the infection status.

  4. The organizer will transport the baggage entrusted by participants from the start to the finish line.

  5. The organizer is not responsible for any delays caused by public transportation or road conditions on the day of the event.

  6. Wearing or displaying any designs, trademarks, or other advertising materials that indicate corporate or product names on the event venue (including the course) is prohibited.

  7. Bringing, operating, or flying any drones or similar unmanned aerial vehicles other than those used by the organizer, co-organizer, or sponsor is prohibited during the event.

  8. The broadcasting rights and portrait rights for the event‘s footage, photographs, articles, location information, participants’ names, ages, places of residence (prefecture or city/town/village name), and records in TV programs, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and printed materials issued by the organizer belong to the organizer.

  9. The organizer‘s commissioned party may sell photos taken during the event.

  10. This event is a qualifying event for the “Wanda Age Group World Rankings” of the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

  11. Regarding receipts for participation fees and other expenses: Please use the credit card company's "statement" or "invoice."

  12. This event will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in Japan.

  13. Please ensure that you have trained sufficiently and taken full care of your health before participating in the event, including undergoing a health checkup beforehand.

  14. Follow the instructions of the organizer regarding other matters related to the event.

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